It’s Time To Jump In The Front Seat And Drive

Some years back I lived in Western Massachusetts. My kid was 7. We were driving down a curvy back road en route to the bookstore. A sign stares at you as you cut the last turn, it reads: “Slow Down, Turkey Crossing.” From the backseat I hear:

Child: Mommy, you didn’t slow down.
Me: Yes I did, baby.
Child: No mommy, you didn’t, there could be turkeys in the road.
Me: Ok baby, thank you for letting me know.
Child: You need to slow down when you see that sign mommy. Turkeys don’t run fast.
Me: Ok Baby.

Anyone sitting in the backseat has their perch secured, they are free to offer commentary on anything that crosses their mind. The backseat is a safe spot; you are close enough to be heard but lack any responsibility for action. When you are seven, you have to be the passenger, your feet can’t reach the peddles. But children are fearless, and when those long legs appear they can’t wait to be the one to propel their own life. Sometimes as adults we can lose that desire to drive; we’re too tired, or too busy with work, or too scared to risk the fender bender because of what it will do to the cost of our insurance. We can always come up with a reason not to do the things we say we want to do. Some common reasons include:

The Reason: I don’t have enough money to start my business.
The Reality: You will never have ‘enough money’ to start your business. You just need to start. It is true that there are real barriers to accessing capital for some, but there are always creative solutions. And you will never be able to raise money or make money with out taking action. Just start.

The Reason: I don’t have enough time to start that project.
The Reality: Time is a choice. You choose how to spend your time based on your priorities. If you would rather spend your time on other things than starting your project, then be honest about that. It can help to do a time audit and look at how much time you are spending on what. Try it out with this worksheet!

The Reason: My friends and family just don’t understand what I want to do.
The Reality: That may be true. But since you are not 7 anymore, your friends and family aren’t in charge of the choices you make. It is super hard when your family doesn’t understand, but if you’ve explained it to them, shared your dreams and the journey you are on, and they are unsupportive, you may need to find support somewhere else. And if your friends aren’t cutting it either, it’s time to surround yourself with a new community who gets it, to provide you the support you need.

With all of this, I am not advocating mowing down the turkeys as they cross the road. I just think we are capable of whatever we set our mind to. We all have to grab the keys more often, jump in the front seat, and drive.

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