Dear December

Hello December!

How are you? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you but I appreciate the fact that you keep showing up. It may take you awhile but you always come around. There is something about your presence that catches me off guard. Although I can expect you to arrive, I am surprised when you do nonetheless. Well, here you are, we best be getting on with it. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to be honest with you. I have not been in the past, that is on me. I have rushed through our time together, going through the motions en route to the freedom of a new year. So this year I am going to set clear expectations for our time together, for your benefit but mostly for mine. You are a powerful force there is no doubt. I appreciate your strength, but I also find it a bit oppressive. It comes with a set of expectations to celebrate, feel, eat, and do certain things in specific ways – and I’m just not into making my December experience work for you, I’d rather make it authentic to me instead. 

So my new plan is as follows:

  • I will celebrate in little ways throughout the month and value each celebration equally – not weighing any one over the other. I will celebrate my wins, my losses, my family, my friends, my time, my child, my cat – whatever comes up that needs to be celebrated.

  • I will not compare my life choices, circumstances, or opportunities with anyone else’s. I will sit equally in what brings me joy and pain about those things without judgement.

  • I will continue to work the plan I have laid out for my new business. I will release the pressure valve that pushes me to do extra new year planning just because that is what people do leading into the new year. I will trust that the plan is solid and act accordingly.

  • I will remind myself that my time is my own and my attention is a gift I can give or not.

My hope, December, is that you can respect my plan for the month without rebuke – but if you don’t that is ok I will still move forward with or without your support. I believe our desires and expectations for the month can coexist and I am hopeful, as I always am. 

With Love,


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