The creative workforce that drives that economy features a diverse community of entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, service providers, and so much more. Attracting, retaining, and empowering that workforce is essential to the success of any creative economy

A strong creative economy is essential to the economic success of a city at large.

The creative economy

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A clear vision for what they want to accomplish, and what part of the creative economy they want to build. If you try to do everything you end up impacting nothing.

Dedicated funding, resources, and staff to implement and support the implementation of any actions taken. Plans are just paper on a shelf without dedicated support for their implementation.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion. This is witnessed through a measurable and visible commitment to supporting a creative workforce of color, and inclusive of women, the queer community, and indigenous communities.

The cities that succeed and show measurable results share:

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Prioritize, uplift and celebrate your diverse creative workforce including creatives of color, women, queer and indigenous creatives.

Design creative economy programs and policies that return measurable results for city leadership and community combined.

Identify your creative economy priorities in order to target your resources and opportunities where they can be most effective.

Align your creative economy plans, programs and resources with other city agencies and priorities to build efficiency and elevate the creative workforce.

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