Work and Life don’t exist on seesaw, one pulling attention away from the other.

Your Life, and the life you want, is the core.

Your Work is an important piece of creating that Life, as is your family, your mental and physical health, your fun, etc.

There is only a life that is either in harmony or not.

There is no work life balance

For both, the better you understand your values, your intentions, your needs and wants and your visions for your future - the easier it is to reach your goals. It’s all connected. Your business, your work, is a large part of the life you are building - a life that should make you proud of yourself, should make you feel seen and powerful and safe.

As an entrepreneur your business results are tied to your personal goals. As an executive, your ability to know your strengths has a direct impact on your business results.

Achieving your goals


Identify the who, what and why of your business in order to create or refine your product or service offering increasing your profit and impact.

Build your confidence so you can eliminate self doubt and take the bold action necessary to grow your business 

Clarify your business goals and align them with your personal ones, so you can remove the stress of negotiating between the two.

One on One Coaching can help you

Yes, let’s get started

Every step of the process is full of support. I’m on your team and here to help you during our sessions, or via email/text/calls in between. I’m invested in you reaching your goals.


We will then work on setting up your VIGA Plan (Vision, Intention, Goal and Action Plan.) This plan will support you with clear steps to deliver on your goals, celebrate your accomplishments, and build your business.


During this phase, we will discuss your goals, dreams, and what drives you and your work. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and you to hone in on the clarity necessary for you to deliver on your dreams


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