Learn actionable tools to eliminate feeling overwhelmed by navigating between your work and your life.

Use your confidence and clarity to change your life and the lives of the clients, community and customers you serve.

Remove the overwhelm and doubt attached to making decisions for your business so you could take action and feel confident in your choices.

Stop negotiating with yourself and others about how you spend your time and attention on your work, family and personal needs.

Imagine if you could:

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confidence is a commitment to action not a belief.

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This Digital Course is a self-paced, six module group coaching program. It will reframe confidence as a commitment to action not a belief. It will outline where confidence comes from, and why it is understandably difficult to maintain – for almost everyone. It will guide you through a framework for how to simplify, build and deploy your confidence. It will teach you how to start and sustain a bold action plan so you can build a business you love.

It’s time for a change

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Get unstuck and move forward on the path toward creating the kind of life and business you want.

Learn how to develop a sustainable business strategy for yourself and get clear about what is really going to move the needle forward.

Learn how to identify and eliminate the self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Inside this course you will

I believe the most effective way to transform the business and social landscape – making it more inclusive and generous – is for more women and nonbinary individuals to control our businesses and our boardrooms. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives in my career and the most consistent challenge I see is that limited confidence leads to lack of clarity and that lack of clarity keeps leaders from taking the bold action necessary to grow and innovate in their business.

Maryann Lombardi
Coach, author, mom.

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If you’ve been struggling to make progress on your goals, or if you’re just ready to move beyond the basics of goal setting and into a more effective approach, the Confidence in Action Online Training is for you.

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