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It’s Your Story to Tell is a memoir, a collection of essays about how identities are formed, who has the power to form them, and why it is important to be the designer of your own identity as well as the one to tell the story of who you are. The book was inspired by the coolest kid on the planet, my child. It is a reinvestigation of my own identity due to my child’s willingness to question their own.

By Maryann Lombardi

“It’s your story to tell”

Inside the book

Maryann Lombardi (she/her) is an entrepreneur, author, coach, mother, daughter, essayist…well, you’ll learn more about who she is and who she isn’t as you read her debut book, It’s Your Story to Tell: Essays on Identity from a Messy Life Well Lived.

Lombardi is an entrepreneur and executive coach and has spent the past 20 years helping them cut through the noise and lock on to the clarity necessary to take bold action to build a business they love. Part of entrepreneurship means mastering the art of storytelling and self-awareness. Lombardi is practicing what she preaches through her honest and transparent essays of her messy life well lived.

When Lombardi is not recounting family dynamics, past relationships, and her travels, she is spending time with her kid, pretending to be extroverted, and helping women and nonbinary leaders take control of their businesses and their boardrooms.

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