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I work with women and nonbinary entrepreneurs and change makers. I believe the most effective way to transform the business and social landscape – making it more inclusive and generous – is for more women and nonbinary individuals to control our businesses and our boardrooms.

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives in my career and the most consistent challenge I see is:

1) Limited confidence leads to lack of clarity and that lack of clarity keeps entrepreneurs from taking the bold action necessary to make the impact they want to have in their business. 

2) Entrepreneurs do not align the business they are building with the life they want to live leaving them burnt out, overwhelmed and physically and emotionally tapped out as they try to grow. with the life they want to live.

I work with entrepreneurs and executive to solve both of these problems so they can build their business to support the life they choose to live. So let's get started!

Coach, author, mom.

Hi, I’m Maryann

Reduce your indecision and self-doubt that can come with taking risks and working against cultural expectations, so you can take bold actions and accelerate the impact you want to have for you, your family and the communities you serve

Simply your path forward by clarifying both your life and business goals and develop a focused action and accountability plan for your work so you can remove the overwhelm that often comes with not knowing what to do next.

Ditch the work/life balance battle. There is only Life, your business, your work, is there to serve that life.

working together can help you:

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For entrepreneurs and executives ready to make the commitment to build a business that will change their life and the lives of the clients, community and customers they serve.

One on one coaching

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For entrepreneurs ready to close the confidence gap. Confidence is a skill not a trait – it can be learned, sustained, and deployed anyway you choose.

confidence in Action Online training

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For cities and institutions committed to building, empowering and attracting their creative workforce.

For Cities + Institutions

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a book about identity, who has the power to form them, and why it is important to be the designer of your own identity as well as the one to tell the story of who you are.

“It’s your story to tell”